Bienance is a venture builder and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage green technology companies. Bienance’s focus is on driving innovation in green technologies, solving current and future world challenges like climate change, population growth and financial inclusion. Bienance also help companies planning to tokenize their shares and use this to enable easy financing.

More About Us

What we Do

Bienance believes in technology and innovation as key business drivers in general, but in Blockchain solutions in particular when it comes to efficiency and transparency of investments made. We have therefore partnered with Liqwith BV, a leading provider of technology that enables companies to issue equity shares on the Ethereum blockchain, making equity transactions as simple as purchasing a book online. Bienance will only invest in companies who tokenized their shares. This requirement will assure the flexibility and speed of operation of Bienance, as the management of the assets is supported by the latest blockchain technologies.

With team members based in various parts of Europe like The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Belarus we have ground forces in key innovation hubs around the world. Furthermore, our investment committee is made up of experienced investors, technologists and legal professionals who help pick optimum investments. In addition we have an effective information cloud which helps us find opportunities others are likely to miss. In an industry where investments quickly become oversubscribed we are ideally placed to make decisive and effective decisions on behalf of our clients.

“We invest in global business solutions and disruptive ideas.“

What we have Done

Since early 2018 we have backed some of the most exciting and ground breaking green projects of the future. In 2018 we invested over $10m into start-ups & scale-ups and we expect this figure to continue increasing into the future.

Got An Idea?

Got an idea?

We support talented start-ups & Scale-ups in the Green-tech space with capital, advisory and marketing opportunities.

Our team understands the challenges of taking an idea to market, we ourselves are made up of members who have launched start-ups, exited companies, advised boards etc. We can act as a sounding board for your ideas and strategy, helping to support your ambitions along the way.